Bassness... (beaucoup de basse?)


Dirt Liner soon develops into a nice minimalist structure, good bass control and just the right amount of detail over the top. Then after a brief pause bangs back into place, which was in your face. Strong and effective at times. Just by being simple. How cool is that?

Dopamine wobbled (titubant) fantastically into its step, with pauses to add a new ingredient to the mix each time. It's like a germinal culture process, very organic and dopey (abruti?) enough to express the experience.

Endorfine starts lightly with synths pumping away, the top layer dragging it along to the beat. Then the bass kicks in massively with the bass. Nice tune on top focusing on synthetics for the break in the beat.

Mugen Dub is all percussion and synth rhythm to start, top layer goes down, all ready an waiting. But it continues not giving me what I've already got used to. Then the break brings in the big bad bass, soldiering on like an aural army of sound soldiers (dunno how to translate that, even if I think I feel the meaning).

Overall, I really liked this for a good night listen. Needs good speakers for full effect and I would love to see some experimental work from Blackleg. I think you got the step, just need to talk the talk (?). Nice one!-)


refers to: Dub Kitchen from Blackleg